Original review- in my opinion, this is the best digital piano (2018 update)

My story with pianos started in the 9th grade. I came back from school and discovered a brand new black piano in the middle of the salon, my dad bought it for my mother’s birthday. (She used to play when she was younger)
Time has passed and I started getting used to this nice black piano, but never tried it myself.
To be honest, I wasn’t very curious about it, at this time I didn’t think I have any musical talent.
I have no idea why or how, but one day, without too much thinking, I just sat down on the piano bench and tried this thing… I understood almost immediately that I’m going to learn how to play it. I began learning slowly, at first with synthesia (these annoying tutorials in Youtube), continued to chords, and today theory and sheets.
My life has changed since that day in the 9th grade , I believe forever.


Our family’s acoustic piano. Thank you, LG G5’s camera. Beautiful isn’t?

Today I’m 21, in the middle of my military service in the IDF (Israeli Defence Force), I serve as a combat soldier and that fact makes practicing piano pretty much impossible. Why’s that? Because an average combat soldier gets to visit his home once in 2/3 weeks for only 3 fucking days.

“I have to find a way!” I told to my mother. “I seriously have no idea how am I going to survive my service time (3 years in Israel) without my piano.”
After I went through the training time (5 months of litterly eating shit, without any free time), I had a little bit of free time in my day, especially at nights, before sleep.
From here the there, one bright thursday, when I got home after 2 intensive weeks in the army, my dad came to me with a very weird idea “Why won’t you buy yourself a piano and take it with you to the base?” he asked me. Immeditaly I grinned to myself, “Yeah sure, why not?” but after a minute I asked myself again “Wait, seriuosly, why not?”
This idea made me do a big research about pianos, keyboard and… finally, digital pianos.
Against all odds,  I found a way to do it. I found a way not to cut this thing that made me happy and creative.
I was looking for a good digital piano under 1000 bucks and after pretty deep research I did, I found one that looks real good.
I’ve brought it to the military base and placed it in the “gym” of the base. (I don’t think that Wiancient treadmill and two dumbbells can be called gym, but sure, let us, the soldiers, call it gym).
When I have some free time , I play and practice and that gives me an injection of mindfulness and an amazing way to express myself. I find it very critical in this tough period.
In short, I’m more than happy with this decision- not to give up on this thing.


Here it is, my piano in the fancy military gym.

OK. You heard my story. But I’m pretty sure you didn’t get here for that, right?.

Let’s get down to business. I’m here today to talk about the digital piano I decided to buy, the one that I’m going to recommened you about and claim it’s truly the best digital piano you can find.

The Yamaha P115 – Yamaha’s latest piano in its portable (P) series. This digital piano has been created with all the important features while incorporating all the key components and add-ons needed into a more compact style. It seems that the Yamaha P115 concept is geared towards going back to basics. In my opinion, the Yamaha P115  is the a digital piano that really close to incorporate the original sounds of the acoustic piano. For me, I feel a digital piano should be simple, it should be as simple as acoustic piano- and that’s one of the things I love about it.


My P115 with ATH M50 headphones, they work pretty awesome together.

This newly designed electric piano has outshone its former predecessor, the Yamaha P105. Although the P115 and P105 have many similar features, few important changes have been made. The P115 has been integrated with Graded Hammer technology. It has the feel of a real and authentic piano but with greater resistance in the lower registers. There is also less resistance in the P115’s higher register, mimicking what you would usually feel when playing a traditional acoustic piano. I feel this feature is of the utmost importance when it comes to building and creating a proper technique which is easily transferable to an acoustic piano.
With the creation of the P- series Yamaha has, yet again, set a high standard when it comes to revolutionizing the sound while perfecting the tone and still keeping to the roots of the traditional classical acoustic pianos. This is all done while encapsulating its mesmerizing chords and melodies. With technological advancement and redesigning the contemporary and traditional look, Yamaha’s P115 is the digital piano for this century. What is so great about the P115 is that the sounds are very much similar to that of the DGX-660 (I tried it myself in the store), while introducing true simplicity.
Incorporating a wide range of functions and controls, in my opinion, the Yamaha P115 appears to be the perfect choice of digital piano – from beginner to professional. Although new features have been added, the core elements of this new series are the fact that its creators have still very much kept to the basics. This is great for those who may want to strive for something less complicated – as many new and digital designs of Pianos and keyboards can leave some beginners feeling quite intimidated, while never mustering up the courage to start playing.
As a bonus, new key features have been added to create an exceptional musical and artistic experience through the incorporation of countless and diverse rhythms, accompaniments and voices. This will only further wet your appetite with a new excitement as you begin to play this instrument, burning a new passion and desire for creativity within you.

That’s me. Sometimes I’m lucky enough to start my day like that.

What makes the Yamaha P115 the best electric piano for you? Keeping the frills to an absolute minimum the P115 controls are fewer, but seem to cover an astonishingly larger range of functions. The numbers have been tallied and a verdict has been reached – virtually all users have agreed that the Yamaha P115 boasts the most exquisite and sublime sound production, and I tend to agree! It is purely excellent! Featuring 192-note compatibility instead of the standard 128-note, perfectly recorded pieces from Yamaha’s very own Grand Piano CFIIIS, as well as 14 crisp and accurate voices offered. Another bonus feature is the option to play one-handed; preferably the left hand – (dueling piano partner feature) This leaves your other hand open and available to set controls – or carry out embellishments. The Yamaha P115 also comes with an iPhone/iPad app that allows you control of the digital piano, minus using the LED display. By me utilizing the app, it also allows for additional controls such as volume and much more. For a beginner who is eager to learn to play the piano, I feel the P115 is a great start as it allows one to experiment with diverse ways to play while not tampering or losing ideal and important settings.

Costumers reviews, taken from Amazon.com (click for full size):




And if it’s not enough for you,
Amazon themself chose this piano and awarded it the “Amazon Choice” badge of honor.

. A Full 88- key keyboard
. Superior quality in sound reproduction (Especially that of the notorious Yamaha Grand Piano)
. iOS app
. Reverb effects
. Headphone ports
. Dueling feature (No need to hire an additional pianist)
. USB ports
. Superb matte finish and feel on keys
. Pure CF Sound Engine
. Fully-weighted Keys (Lower keys weighing more – graded action)
. Build is light and sturdy fro performances (professional)
. Range of 14 exquisite voices
. Record function. Metronome, Transpose and Split
. Including music stand and sustain pedal

Pure simplicity.

While the Yamaha P115 no longer supports the MIDI feature, many are not sad to see it gone – it won’t be sorely missed. Other users complained of a lack of LED display – which is not that big of a deal for me – while others had expectations beyond dueling. It seems the list of pros does in fact substantially outweigh the cons.

I’m more than happy with this piano. I think the Yamaha P115 does more than just serve its purpose. Its key features are easy to understand, which is great for those looking for a simpler approach to playing the digital piano. By lessening the controls while still providing the same function this digital piano is able to do all that of its predecessors and more. The deign is elegant and beautiful, available tin two colors – black or white. It’s sounds are similar to the clarity and cleanliness of the Yamaha acoustic, While the dual layer is fantastic for extraordinary compositions. For beginner to professional, I can highly recommend this piano.

The cheapest place I found is Amazon. To be honest, I didn’t buy it in Amazon, I bought it in a local musical instruments store here in Israel.
The price I got for the whole package (Piano, pedal, chair and stand) was about 4000 NIS (over 950$), hell that’s a crazy exorbitant price.
In Amazon it’s sold it in 619$, for the whole package. You can get it from Amazon through this link.

I hope this article helped you choose a digital piano for yourself.
I’ll be more than happy to hear from you in the comments!