Top 3 Running Headphones 2014

In the 21th century, running has became one of the most popular sport types.
Most of the runners are looking for ways to improve their running and make it more enjoyable, the best way to do it  is to get a good pair of running headphones.
In this post I will share with you my top 3 headphones for running. Hope you’ll like it and find yourself the best headphones for you.

1) iSport By Monster128693_MH-ISRT_GLAM

Well, these headphones are probably the best running headphones you can find in the market, they’re basically amazing.

Let’s start with the fact that they are waterproof, I guess you know the common problem of destroying headphones as a result of moisture.
Well, with these headphones you can sweat as much as want, it won’t bother you at all, as I said, these headphones are waterproof and they will continue to work as before. Of course you can wash them after the run.
Now, let’s move to the second advantage, these headphones have excellent sound and impressive noise blocking.
With these headphones you can run with an ultimate experience of listening. I can testify that it’s amazing to run music in high quality and isolated sound.
In addition, these headphones are SUPER comfortable! They’re fit PERFECTLY and they will never get off out of your ears.
Of course that these headphones are suitable for any type of player or phone. In addition iSport headphones have a nice volume controller that help you to change songs and volume in the most comfortable way.
About the design, I think these headphones look really awesome, they’re designed especially for runners. You can get them in 3 colors: yellow, blue and black.

Product features

  • Built tough to endure active lifestyles.
  • In-ear clip design for long term comfort.
  • Splash and water proof.
  • Sweat proof and sand proof to ensure your music doesn’t get interrupted during activity.
  • MicroStrand Conductors
  • Magnetic Flux Tube™ Technology
  • 24K Gold-Plated Contacts
  • ControlTalk™ On-Cable Mic

2) Klipsch Image

These headphones are also pretty awesome, especially for running and gym.

They’re in-ear headphones, produced by Klipsch- a big American company that produces home audio equipment.
In sort, the sound is great, they’re also noise canceling.
The Image S4i are really comfortable and they fit exactly to your ears, they won’t get off out of your ears.
In addition they also have a cool volume controller that allows you to change songs and volume in the simplest way.

Product features

  • 3-button iPhone/iPod control (VOL+, VOL-, ANSWER/PLAY/PAUSE/SKIP+/SKIP-)
  • High-quality echo-cancelling microphone, Piano black finish with chrome accents,Cable Length 4.2 feet (1.3 m)
  • Exclusive Oval Ear Tips for longterm comfort and excellent sound-isolation & seal
  • Superior Bass Response and clarity from dual magnet micro-speaker and oval eartip seal,2 year warranty
  • Three sizes of oval eartips (Small, Medium and Large) to achieve the perfect fit & “Snap” carrying pouch included

3) Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680i (Earbud)sennheiser-pmx-680i

I guess that most of you heard about ‘Sennheiser’ Company, they produce every year new awesome headphones that become very popular, these headphones are one of them.
These running headphones have become popular for some reason, the main one-  the price of the PMX 680i. These headphones are so cheap and have so much to offer!
At first, they are sweatproof, a huge advantage to the runners.  Second, they have really nice sound, probably the best sound you can get for this funny price. And the most important thing, they’re incredibly comfortable thanks to the ergonomic neckband.

Product Features

  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Neckband headphones for comfortable fit
  • High-output drivers for energizing sound
  • DuPont Kevlar-reinforced cable for unmatched sound
  • Generous 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • DuPont Kevlar reinforced cable for unmatched sound
  • Generous 2-year guarantee

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