Top 4 Digital Pianos for 2016

My story with the piano started when I was in 9th grade. I came back from school and discovered a new white piano in the middle of the saloon, my dad bought it for my mother’s birthday (She played when she was a child).  So one day I sat down on the piano bench and tried this thing.. I understood very fast that I’m gonna learn how to play it, that day kinda changed my life. But Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about myself and my relationship with pianos.

OK, I don’t want to waste your time here, let’s get straight to thing.
Few things you need to know before start reading: The price range of the pianos I’m going to recommened you are 800-1500 USD. All of them are SUPER high quality and it’s guarantee.
These are digital pianos, not portable keyboards.
If you’re not sure about what you are looking for, check out the differences between digital piano and portable keyboards: here. If you’re still with me, continue reading…

casio-privia-px-850-4digital-pianoCasio Privia PX850
Priced at a thousand dollars (or just under), the major advantage of the PX850 is that you get a lot of piano for your money, including many features typically found in higher-priced models. The list includes an ivory key feel, along with features to enhance touch and get a realistic hammer weight and 40W of stereo audio output in the speaker system.
Add them all up and they represent a very nice value, which is the big reason why this model is the flagship of Casio’s Privia system, which represents an effort to outperform other digital pianos priced under $2K.
Like the other digital pianos reviewed here, the PX850 is designed to look like a compact furniture cabinet, giving it the look and feel of a traditional upright. The top can also be lifted for sound expansion, and it comes with a three-pedal system to add nuance and subtlety to the basic sound.
Casio has also upgraded the piano with many features not found at this price point. Those include four internal speakers, a USB flash drive for wav file recording and output, and most importantly, a 256-note polyphony sound chip to enhance the piano sound. It also has two-track recording capability.
Minor quibbles: Some reviewers have complained about the use of particle board rather than wood in the construction, as well as a relatively small feature set. Once again, much of this comes back to price point; a full feature set simply isn’t going to be available for under $1K, and the PX850 represents a nice attempt to be all things to all people.
The best feature of this piano is the sound itself. It does a good job of replicating the tonality of a grand piano, and is designed for those looking for that sound quality who want to stay at a relatively low price.

Yamaha DGX-650
Like the Casio Privia, the DGX-50 is priced just under a thousand dollars, and its designed to augment Yamaha’s line of low-cost, portable pianos. As such, the goal is versatility; specifically, to combine a solidly authentic piano sound and action with a number of other useful features. The biggest upgrades from earlier model is more polyphony – now up to 128 notes — along with a better sampling system, and slightly better internal speakers.dgx1
Start with the sound and the action, because they represent one of the strengths of this particular piano. While the quality isn’t as high as you’ll find on higher-priced models, it is a very solid replication of a grand piano sound.
The action is noteworthy as well – its based on Yamaha’s GHS system that’s been a staple of this company’s pianos for some time. There are some compromises here and there, particularly at either end of the keyboard range and in the static touch, but the overall quality level makes this an excellent buy.
While there’s no separate speaker outlet, the piano does have a four-speaker system, albeit with a relatively low power output. The connectivity is good, with a USB outlet that you can connect to an iPad or a compute, and wav files can also be saved on a flash drive.
The DGX-50 also comes with some intriguing educational features and other bells and whistles. There’s a digital display screen that shows notation, song lyrics, and overall functional information, and the keyboard also incorporates over 500 built-in instrument sounds, many of which are quite authentic.
There are also some nice features for amateurs who want to get up and playing right away. The auto chord function allows songs to be played using fake-book notation, and there are complimentary features make it possible to you to pick out a song, a playing style and an appropriate rhythm and get good results immediately.
Minor quibbles: weighing in at about 50 lbs, the DGX-50 is a little heavy to qualify as a true portable. There’s no key cover, and some have complained about the design of the music stand, which can be awkward and clunky to use.
The overall verdict on this instrument is that while purists may want to look for something with a more authentic sound, those seeking a combo instrument for just under a thousand dollars will like be quite pleased with the quality sound and the array of features that go with it.

ariusArius YDP-S51
The Arius is the lower-priced of Yamaha’s two high-end models, checking in at a price of $1300 or slightly lower. Its designed primarily for living in a relatively small space who are nonetheless looking for an authentic acoustic piano sound- This is one of the main reasons that I put this piano in my list. Most of the digital piano’s buyers are people who doesn’t have space for regular piano so compact is definetly one of the most important qualities that digital piano needs to have.
The sound is excellent, as is the dynamic range. The action in this piano is probably the closest to that of an acoustic instrument of all the pianos reviewed here, which isn’t entirely surprising given that its the first Yamaha piano based on the company’s Graded Hammer Keyboard system.
One valuable upgrade in this model is in the speaker power, which has been upgraded to 40W to help produce the big sound of an acoustic.
Minor quibbles: At over 50 lbs, the weight is a little high for a true portable. And because of the focus on sound, the feature set is relatively light, with just ten on-board sounds and only 20W of speaker power. Some reviewers have complained that the interface is somewhat confusing to understand and use.
Despite those issues, the sound quality carries the day here. Its based on Yamaha’s CF sound system, which is well known for quality after years of use in Yamaha’s stage pianos. For $1300, getting that level of quality in a portable digital piano is a very good value.

Kawai ES100
This piano represents Kawai’s first effort to produce a quality digital piano for under $1K. Despite the lower price point, Kawai has done a nice job of replicating acoustic piano sound, with each note on the piano being individually sampled from the company’s well-regarded acoustic grand piano.kawaii3
With graded hammer action, 192 polyphony notes and state of the art imaging sound technology, its up to date when it comes to incorporating all the basic elements of digital technology for portable pianos.
It also has some other quality features. These include built-in Alfred piano lessons – its the only piano under $1K with incorporated lessons – along with and dual and split keyboard functions that are especially useful for teachers. There are also 19 instrument sounds, over 100 drum rhythms and a built-in metronome.
Minor quibbles: Due to the lower price point, there are some compromises in the feature set. There’s no multi-tracking or USB capability, and the navigation system isn’t as functional and easy to use as some of the better pianos over $1K. The speaker system is also somewhat underpowered at less than 20W.
Despite these issues, for fans of Kawai pianos the sound definitely carries the day. Throw in the ability to create custom sounds and enhance the tone and overall sound quality, and this represents a “must-hear” option for those looking for a low-cost digital portable.


Well, this is my list for the best digital piano for 2016, hope it helped you guys. If you have any question or just something to say to me, you’re invited to comment below.

Top 3 Running Headphones 2014

In the 21th century, running has became one of the most popular sport types.
Most of the runners are looking for ways to improve their running and make it more enjoyable, the best way to do it  is to get a good pair of running headphones.
In this post I will share with you my top 3 headphones for running. Hope you’ll like it and find yourself the best headphones for you.

1) iSport By Monster128693_MH-ISRT_GLAM

Well, these headphones are probably the best running headphones you can find in the market, they’re basically amazing.

Let’s start with the fact that they are waterproof, I guess you know the common problem of destroying headphones as a result of moisture.
Well, with these headphones you can sweat as much as want, it won’t bother you at all, as I said, these headphones are waterproof and they will continue to work as before. Of course you can wash them after the run.
Now, let’s move to the second advantage, these headphones have excellent sound and impressive noise blocking.
With these headphones you can run with an ultimate experience of listening. I can testify that it’s amazing to run music in high quality and isolated sound.
In addition, these headphones are SUPER comfortable! They’re fit PERFECTLY and they will never get off out of your ears.
Of course that these headphones are suitable for any type of player or phone. In addition iSport headphones have a nice volume controller that help you to change songs and volume in the most comfortable way.
About the design, I think these headphones look really awesome, they’re designed especially for runners. You can get them in 3 colors: yellow, blue and black.

Product features

  • Built tough to endure active lifestyles.
  • In-ear clip design for long term comfort.
  • Splash and water proof.
  • Sweat proof and sand proof to ensure your music doesn’t get interrupted during activity.
  • MicroStrand Conductors
  • Magnetic Flux Tube™ Technology
  • 24K Gold-Plated Contacts
  • ControlTalk™ On-Cable Mic

2) Klipsch Image

These headphones are also pretty awesome, especially for running and gym.

They’re in-ear headphones, produced by Klipsch- a big American company that produces home audio equipment.
In sort, the sound is great, they’re also noise canceling.
The Image S4i are really comfortable and they fit exactly to your ears, they won’t get off out of your ears.
In addition they also have a cool volume controller that allows you to change songs and volume in the simplest way.

Product features

  • 3-button iPhone/iPod control (VOL+, VOL-, ANSWER/PLAY/PAUSE/SKIP+/SKIP-)
  • High-quality echo-cancelling microphone, Piano black finish with chrome accents,Cable Length 4.2 feet (1.3 m)
  • Exclusive Oval Ear Tips for longterm comfort and excellent sound-isolation & seal
  • Superior Bass Response and clarity from dual magnet micro-speaker and oval eartip seal,2 year warranty
  • Three sizes of oval eartips (Small, Medium and Large) to achieve the perfect fit & “Snap” carrying pouch included

3) Sennheiser Adidas PMX 680i (Earbud)sennheiser-pmx-680i

I guess that most of you heard about ‘Sennheiser’ Company, they produce every year new awesome headphones that become very popular, these headphones are one of them.
These running headphones have become popular for some reason, the main one-  the price of the PMX 680i. These headphones are so cheap and have so much to offer!
At first, they are sweatproof, a huge advantage to the runners.  Second, they have really nice sound, probably the best sound you can get for this funny price. And the most important thing, they’re incredibly comfortable thanks to the ergonomic neckband.

Product Features

  • Sweat and water resistant
  • Neckband headphones for comfortable fit
  • High-output drivers for energizing sound
  • DuPont Kevlar-reinforced cable for unmatched sound
  • Generous 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • DuPont Kevlar reinforced cable for unmatched sound
  • Generous 2-year guarantee

Top 5 Studio Headphones for 2016

Becoming a professional in music production require that you go for best studio headphones and this will boost the quality of your recording and rank you high among the available recording studios in the area. Good headphones should allow for a natural sound which is very detailed with brilliant capabilities to handle high volumes of music while maintaining its quality. They are also required to be very effective in noise attenuation giving a clear music in the best way possible. The user should feel comfortable when wearing them on. So, in other words, The main qualities that must be in studio headphones are: high sound quality, good bass, comfort and durability. Choosing headphones can be difficult, you need to decide which headphones are the best for you. I hope this article will make your decision easier. The price range of studio headphones is between 90$-250$. Of course you can find much more expensive headphones with much better sound and comfort, but in this article I decided to focus and review headphones that suitable for every pocket.

1) Audio Technica M50x


These headphones are definitely the best studio headphones in the market. Let’s start with the comfort- The M50x are SUPER comfortable! Especially for long period of listening. If you’re one of those people who can listen to music for hours, these headphones are for you. In addition, the comfort of the M50x allows you to record with them for hours. The sound quality is INCREDIBLE! so clear and smooth, the music sounds natural and real. People who tried these headphones testified they heard new sounds in the song, sounds that they’ve never heard with their previous headphones. The sound isolation is definitely amazing, Audio Technia improved the isloation performance, M50x’s level of isolation is much stronger than the old version, the M50. They’re ideal for flights for the same reason. Another huge advantage- the bass is perfect! It’s not too noticeable like Beats’ bass and it’s not too weak, Audio Technica did it perfectly. It comes with a nice protective pouch and one year warranty (save it!). These headpones are the new version of the M50 headphones. The Audio Technica M50 (the old version) has set the bars quite high and I’ve used them for a long time, I definitely felt like I could use a change and an upgrade. So I decided to get on the wagon with the ATH M50x after thoroughly researching it online. And I was pleasantly surprised to see that everything I loved is still there, while these amazing studio headphones have also been improved! The price of the M50x today is 169$. Look at my comparing between Audio Techinca M50 and Beats Studio in the end of the article.

2) Sennheiser 280 HD ProSenn1

Well, In my opinion, these headphones are the best product that Sennheiser has ever produced. These headphones are lightweight, comfortable, blocking outside noises and designed well. They have superior isolation capabilities necessary for recording. They have 32dB of acoustic isolating power which is very critical for guitarists and drummers. This allows the user to hear the monitoring mixes being played no matter the high volumes being used. Vocalists find them useful in the sense that headphone mix does not interfere at all with the vocal mic. These headphones are a top gear in many leading recording studios. You enjoy extreme comfort when using them. They give a natural feel which lasts for the entire recording period. This comfort is essential when in studio and with Sennheiser 280HD Pro headphones, this is a guarantee. These headphones are definitely one of the best studio headphones for 2016.
You can get them on Amazon through this link for 99.95$ 


3) Sony MDR7506Sony1

Sony is the one of the biggest company that product headphones and in general electronics. The comfort and the great sound that these headphones offer are the reasons for putting them in my list. These headphones are closed ear-design. This design shields the user from external interfering noise. You enjoy deep and accurate bass when using them. Isolation capabilities are pleasant hence recording is greatly favored. They’re extremely cheap and suitable for every budget. I think that the only problem with them is that they don’t look so good, Anyway, if you don’t look for style but you intersted in pure quality, these are for you! My recommendation to you, buy them in Amazon for 95$ through this link,


4) V-MODA Crossfade Lv-moda-crossfire-lp-e41

High quality over-ear headphones from V-Moda Company. These headphones offer you incredible quality of sound that reminds reality (Soundstage 3D Technology). Thanks to the foam cushions, the LP are extremely comfortable and perfectly form to your ears. In addition, the foam cushions provide you amazing listening experience by canceling outside noises perfectly. Most of the headphones are made of weak materials, like plastic, however, these headphones are made of metal and steel, strong and qualitative materials that provide high durability for long period of time. In my opinion, these headphones have a really cool style and V-Moda offers large variety of awesome colors. The special thing here is- You can upgrade your design by purchasing new Shield Kit. You can get them in Amazon for 146$ through this link.



5) Grado Prestige Series SR-60iGrado1

Awesome headphones from Grado company. These headphones have excellent sound with impressive bass. These Grado headphones are pretty old, Grado released them in 2004, still, they are really good and highly recommend! Perfect sound, impressive level of sound isolating, they can reach to a really high volume level and they’re extremely comfortable. They are ideal for monitoring, mixing and DJs. The reason for placing these headphones in the 5th place is the fact that they’re not modern like the others headphones in this list, they don’t have the new features that the others have. But they have many amazing things to offer! If you don’t trust me, trust the satisfied customers!


Audio Technica M50 vs. Beats Studio

Many people around the world discuss about the comparetion which headphones are better, the M50 or the Beats Studio by Dr Dre. The main reason for this competition is the fact that these 2 headphones are the best headphones under 300$ in the market. They both amazing, they have all the features that high quality headphones must have. They both have incredible sound quality and strong noises isolation, they’re really comfortable and suitable for hours of listening. M50 vs Beats In this competition there’s one big Winner, the M50! Let’s face it, we love the Beats Studio because of the name and the style, Dr Dre did wonderful marketing job for his Beats headphones. Actually, they really have style, but let’s look at the real important thing that headphones must have, for example: Sound quality- Audio Techinca headphones have much better sound that Beats have! Cancelling noise: Audio Technica headphones blocking outside noise much better than Beats! My recommendation: Take the Audio Techinca, you won’t be sorry!

Top 5 3DS Games for 2014

The Nintendo 3DS is the handheld console of Nintendo. With its ability to present a full 3DS Effect, the 3DS is a great console for everyone: Hardcore Gamers and Casual Gamers.
The console released at 2010, and it is now competes with the PlayStation Vita, Sony’s handheld console.

There are plenty of great games for the device, and I have decided to recommend you about the best 3ds games.
I think that the big hits for the 3DS Are New Super Mario 3D Land, Luigi’s Mansion 2, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and Resident Evil: Revelations.

MARIO 3D  1) Super Mario 3D Land

The game was developed by Nintendo, Brownie Brown, and Digital Scape.
This game is a MUST HAVE. It doesn’t matter if you like the Super Mario series or not, you just need to play that game. I’ll start with the 3D Effect: It actually works in this game! You can actually see the depth of the environment, and it makes the game look amazing. The Graphics in this game is one of the Console’s Best, with its colorful environment and detailed textures.
The Storyline is simple: Bowser’s back, he kidnapped Princess Peach, and Mario needs to save her. Again. The classical Tanooki suit has returned, and it’s cooler than ever. The Level design in this game is Absolutely Gorgeous, and there are plenty of levels you can play. After beating all of the 8 Worlds, which is quite simple, you unlock the special worlds, and let me tell you: they are amazing. They are really tough to beat, and more fun than ever.
There are some levels that are designed in a special way: 3D levels played by 2D Style. It means that the enjoyment is full 3D, but Mario moves in a 2D Stroller style. And it works amazingly well. Sure, there are full 3D levels when Mario moves in a open 3D environment, but that’s why the game is so awesome: It has many types of levels.
The game use Elements of Two of the most successful Mario Games: Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy. The Soundtrack will be familiar to you, because there are many tracks that have been used in Galaxy.
I recommend you to play this game because it’s simply Mario. Mario is always fun. And with the Amazing 3D Effect and gorgeous graphics, Super Mario 3D Land is a great platform game.

I recommend you to buy Super Mario 3D Land through Amazon, in the simplest way.


  2) Luigi’s Mansion 2

The game was developed by Next Level Games.
Luigi, Mario’s little brother, is back with an epic title, Luigi’s Mansion 2: Dark Moon. In this sequel to the original game Luigi’s Mansion from the Gamecube, you are playing Luigi in his new and spooky adventure. The enemies: Ghosts. The Goal: Capture them. Luigi equipped with the Poltergust 5000, a specialized vacuum cleaner used to capture ghosts, and an updated version of the Poltergust 3000. In this action-adventure game, you have a lot of things to do: Solve Puzzles, retrieving an object, accessing a particular room, or defeating a stronger boss ghost.
The game has a lot of great levels, and you will quickly notice its wonderful sense of humor. Luigi wonderfully react to things that happen around him, and a lot of funny things happen. Be advised that this game is fully about Luigi, and Mario is not a playable character. So if you thought Luigi never got his spotlight, think again!
I recommend you to play this game because it’s really funny, creative and sometimes spooky. Join Luigi in his epic adventure.

Get this Fantastic game through Amazon

Zelda3) The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

The game was developed by Nintendo.
The classical game from Nintendo 64 got a fantastic remake for the 3DS, and I can’t wait for you to try it. The Legend of Zelda is one of the most amazing game series in the gaming industry, and this specific game has influenced many other games, for good. Until today, the original title for Nintendo 64 is ranked first as the best game ever, in terms of reviews and scores. In this amazing Remake, you play Link in his epic adventure to rescue Princess Zelda and defeating Ganon.
This game may look childish at the beginning, but don’t get wrong with this: The game is very long, full of challenging puzzles, and very invested. The 3D Effect adds a lot to the game, and the Graphics have improved. If you haven’t played the original title for the Nintendo 64, you must join Link and all the friends in Hyrule Kingdom in this amazing 3DS remake title.
The remake version is well improved, with now the ability to pick items straight from the touch screen. It is very comfortable now to play. And by the way: The Water Dungeon is still annoying, but it’s better than the original.
After you beat the game, you can play the Master Quest. The Master Quest is a mirrored and more difficult version to the game, and if you think you’re up to challenge – you should play it.
The main reason I want you to play this game is because it is a remake to the best game ever, in terms of reviews and score. The storyline, the characters, the music – everything here is amazing. What are you waiting for? Go try it!

Get this Famous and Classic game in Amazon

KidIcarus4) Kid Icarus Uprising

The game was developed by Project Sora.
Fans have been waiting YEARS for a new Kid Icarus title, and here it comes. Pit, the young angel, first appeared at 1986, is one of Ninteno’s favorite characters. In Kid Icarus: Uprising, the player controls Pit in his attempt to defeat Medusa, the evil queen, as he travels the land on Palutena’s behalf, battling Medusa’s dark hordes.
You control Pit with the Circle Pad and the stylus. The Game arrives with a special stand in order to get things more comfortable when it comes to control. Every chapter of the game is divided into two stages: Air and Ground. While in air, Pit is flying and firing his enemies. While in ground, Pit can travel more in the level and beat it. The game have many of weapons: bows, claws, blades, clubs, orbitars, staffs, arms, palms, and cannons.
Beside of Singleplayer mode, there is a Multiplayer Mode, and it’s really fun. There are two modes: Team Deathmatch and Free for All.
The game got positive reviews, and it is without a doubt one of the best title to a Nintendo Console ever.
I recommend you to play this game because fans have been waiting decades for this game to come out, and the final results are amazing. With his amazing sense of humor and epic control, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a must Have.

Purchase this game in Amazon for the cheapest price in the market.

resident_evil_revelations_frontcover_large_v7WHv1XZYwLBdGJ5) Resident Evil: Revelations

This scary title was developed by Capcom, and it is another game of the Resident Evil Series.
Be aware that this game is a serious horror game, and Capcom told the fans that it is very creepy.
So be Brave, Fellas! The game is set between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, and you play as Jill Valentine in her scary survival-horror adventure.
You explore, Kill Zombies and Solve Puzzles in this horror-survival game.
The game is back again more based on survival, the concept that made the Resident Evil series so popular. As of today, the game presents the best graphics that ever seen on the 3DS Console and it is simply an amazing title.

Buy the Scariest game for the 3DS console in Amazon.

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